Condividiamo con piacere, e sempre con emozione, un messaggio di apprezzamento in merito al corso d’inglese appena terminato presso Volteco S.p.A., un’importante azienda nostra cliente.
Naturalmente scritto in lingua inglese!

Dear Simona,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the time you have dedicated to us during our English lessons. Thanks to your teaching methods, we have not only become more proficient in the language, but we have also developed a passion for it.
Your unique and easy-going approach allowed us to learn about the behavioral and managerial aspects of public speaking techniques through Vanessa Van Edwards’ videos. Additionally, the ‘conversation line’ with the opening questions and talking line helped us to have pleasant conversations while maintaining focus.
I want to express my sincere appreciation for the valuable knowledge you have imparted to us. Your outstanding teaching skills and willingness to go the extra mile to inspire us to learn are truly exemplary.
Once again, thank you for being an exceptional teacher and for going above and beyond in inspiring us to learn. Allow me to send you my best wishes for your future endeavours.

Sincerely, from me and all my colleagues
Andrea Biscaro| Formatore tecnico commerciale

Grazie Andrea, Grazie Volteco per aver creduto in noi di ELT!